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 Core details 80808085 8086 8088
  Development name -- - -
  Construction size (nm) 60003000 3000 3000
  Transistor count (millions) 0.00600.0065 0.029 0.029
  Number of processor cores1111
  Registers - ALU (bits) 88 16 16
  Registers - FPU (bits) -- external external
  Connection Type 40 pin DIP40 pin DIP 40 pin DIP 40 pin DIP
 Model Details
  Name / Core speed (MHz) 23 ~ 5 5 ~10 5 ~10
 FSB Details
  CLK speed (MHz)23 ~ 55 ~105 ~10
  Data transfer rate (MHz)23 ~ 55 ~105 ~10
  Total data bus width (bits)88168
  Max data bandwidth (MB/sec)252010
 Cache details
  L1 amount (KiB) -- - -
  L1 location -- - -
  L1 instruction cache size (KiB) -- - -
  L1 data cache size (KiB) -- - -
 Extension support
  Enhanced 3DNow!NoNoNoNo
  3DNow! ProfessionalNoNoNoNo
 Additional Features
  Intel 64 NoNo No No
  AMD64 NoNo No No
  HyperThreading NoNo No No
  NX Bit NoNo No No
  Virtualization Technology NoNo No No

ፄ & Intel CPU Specifications - N D Evanson 2008