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 Core details AthlonAthlon Athlon Athlon AthlonAthlon Athlon
  Development name Argon (K7)Pluto (K75) Pluto (K75) Orion (K75) ThunderbirdThunderbird Thunderbird
  Construction size (nm) 250180 180 180 180180 180
  Transistor count (millions) 2222 22 22 3737 37
  Number of processor cores1111111
  Registers - ALU (bits) 3232 32 32 3232 32
  Registers - FPU (bits) 80 (128 Ext)80 (128 Ext) 80 (128 Ext) 80 (128 Ext) 80 (128 Ext)80 (128 Ext) 80 (128 Ext)
  Connection Type Slot ASlot A Slot A Slot A Slot / Socket ASocket A Socket A
 Model Details
  Name / Core speed (GHz) 500550 750 900 6001100B 1000C
550600 800 950 6501200B 1133C
600650 850 1000 7001300B 1200C
650700 7501400B 1333C
700 800 1400C
 FSB Details
  CLK speed (MHz)100100100100100100133
  Data transfer rate (MHz)200200200200200200266
  Total bus width (bits)64646464646464
  Maximum bandwidth (GB/sec)1.601.601.601.601.601.602.13
 Cache details
  L1 amount (KiB) 128128 128 128 128128 128
  L1 location on-dieon-die on-die on-die on-dieon-die on-die
  L1 instruction cache size (KiB) 6464 64 64 6464 64
  L1 data cache size (KiB) 6464 64 64 6464 64
  L2 amount (KiB) 512 1512 1 512 2 512 3 256256 256
  L2 location CPU PCBCPU PCB CPU PCB CPU PCB on-dieon-die on-die
  L2 bus width (bits) 6464 64 64 6464 64
 Extension support
  Enhanced 3DNow!YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
  3DNow! ProfessionalNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
 Additional Features
  Intel 64 NoNo No No NoNo No
  AMD64 NoNo No No NoNo No
  HyperThreading NoNo No No NoNo No
  NX Bit NoNo No No NoNo No
  Virtualization Technology NoNo No No NoNo No

  1 - L2 cache SRAM chips run at 50% of CPU clock speed
  2 - L2 cache SRAM chips run at 40% of CPU clock speed
  3 - L2 cache SRAM chips run at 33% of CPU clock speed
ፄ & Intel CPU Specifications - N D Evanson 2008