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 Core details Phenom II X2       
  Development name Callisto
  Construction size (nm) 45
  Transistor count (millions) 758
  Number of processor cores2
  Registers - ALU (bits) 64
  Registers - FPU (bits) 128 (128 Ext)
  Connection Type Socket AM3
  Maximum TDP (watts)80
 Model Details
  Name / Core speed (GHz) 545 / 3.0
550 BE / 3.1
 HyperTransport Details
  CLK speed (MHz)200
  Data transfer rate (MHz)4000
  Total bus width (bits)32
  Maximum bandwidth (GB/sec)16.0
 Integrated Memory Controller Details
  Controller width (bits)128
  Max DRAM CLK speed (MHz)333
  Controller typeDDR3
  Maximum bandwidth (GB/sec)21.4
 Cache details
  L1 amount (KiB) 128 x 2
  L1 location on-die
  L1 instruction cache size (KiB) 64 x 2
  L1 data cache size (KiB) 64 x 2
  L2 amount (KiB) 512 x 2
  L2 location on-die
  L2 bus width (bits) 256
  L3 amount (KiB) 6114
  L3 location on-die
  L3 bus width (bits) 128
 Extension support
  Enhanced 3DNow!Yes
  3DNow! ProfessionalYes
  SSE4Yes (4a)
 Additional Features
  Intel 64 No
  AMD64 Yes
  HyperThreading No
  NX Bit Yes
  Virtualization Technology No

ፄ & Intel CPU Specifications - N D Evanson 2008